Kimbella & Yandy Smith Partying after popping out babies

They birthed their babies just last month just a couple weeks apart, so now besties and “Love & Hip Hop” co-stars Yandy Smith & Kimbella are back on the scene.

Looks like Kimbella’s baby’ daddy Juelz Santana is still in the picture afterall. The two weren’t on the best of terms last year during the finale of the show, but it looks like now that their baby girl is here, everything’s all good.

Yandy and her baby’s daddy Mandeecees welcomed their baby boy at the beginning of last month too. But both ladies took some time away from nursing and changing diapers to hit up a party at NYC’s La Marina last Sunday night.

And Kimbella has been tweeting about her new diet/workout DVD she’s working on. And she’s on Operation Snapback to get her pre-baby bod back. She’s looking good though.





Jay z in NYC subway

Wow so Jay z decides to take the subway in NYC??? I’m sure a lot of normal folks were excited to sit next to him that day but I wonder if he gave out concert tickets? And I’m sure he had security with him but where was B? I guess she don’t do public transportation lol. Looking good Jay!