Real Housewives of Hell

Okay so I’m a huge fan of the Real Housewives of….all of them but I have to speak my mind about the last two episodes I have been watching. Lets start with the New Jersey season….all I can say is that I’m so over the family drama between Teresa and Melissa….seriously. The last two episode before the reunions are so annoying. I believe Kim D really was behind the whole set up thing with Melissa. She brought Teresa to the salon and it just so happened that a guy who knows Melissa works there as well. Then to make it worse he shows up at the Posche fashion show…..hmmm really? This is how It went down in my opinion, Kim D found this guy and then told Teresa and then Teresa being the little evil person she is jumped on the band wagon and then when he confronted Melissa she panicked (“my heart is racing”). I think she is so wrong for trying to set up her sister in law. If she don’t like her fine but that’s all the reason to leave her alone and focus on yourself. I also think Teresa didn’t want the spot light taken from her once her sister in law and cousin joined the show. As for what Teresa did to Jacqueline that was so wrong. Jacqueline was just being a true friend but Teresa stabbed her in the back. It’s about time Jacqueline stood up for herself and I’m really proud of her but I can’t help but wonder who’s this friend that kept texting her at the fashion with all these details and she didn’t even once pull Melissa to the side to let her know what’s was going on….a little suspect to me. Caroline was not really my favorite this season because she stirred up the pot a bit for no reason. If you don’t like someone then leave it at that. When you try to hard to dislike a person that’s too much energy being used. If you genuinely don’t like a person that’s comes natural but starting confrontations and then acting like you don’t care about what someone has to say is getting old. Just get over it already. Now getting to the New York season…..OMG where do I begin lol. Ramona is my favorite she spunky and outspoken and has always been that way since the first season. Sonja I adore her, she’s so fancy free and she has common sense lol. Luann has always been my favorite off and on. She talks about people behind their backs and she stirs up shit and then when confronted about it denies it. I don’t like people like that however I do like the fun side of Luann and might I say I’m shocked at her behavior in St Bart 😮with Tomas, who by the way is extremely sexy so I can see the temptation but she need to own the fact that she cheated and we all saw and heard it on tv lol. Now lets get to the new folks! When Heather first came on the show I didn’t like her but she has grown on me now. She was butting heads with my girl Ramona and I didn’t like it lol. But Heather speaks her mind and I 💗love it. She has a backbone and she’s not afraid to tell you off lol. Carole is sweet and she reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city. She seems really intelligent and focused in life. But the one thing that irks me with about Carole is the fact that she wants love and peace everywhere which is fine but sometimes you gotta speak your mind and tell folks off especially when they are being loud and wrong lol. Now I’ve saved the best for last and that is Aviva! Now as long as I’ve been watching the Real Housewives of….and I’ve been watching for years, I’ve never disliked any of them as much as I dislike Aviva. Now let me back track real quick when she first appeared on the show I liked her A LOT. I thought she was pretty, nice and compassionate of others until the St Bart’s trip. Now she’s self centered, judge mental, crazy, ignorant, mean, arrogant, annoying to say the least. I’m till shocked over her behavior and how she treated Ramona and Sonja. I don’t even like looking at the last few episode because I get so pissed off. She really expected someone to throw her party because she got on a plane???? Bitch you are not the only one with anxiety or phobia. I personally suffer from both by you can’t put our anxiety and fears out on everyone. Yay! You made it to St Bart so the hell what now its time to enjoy yourself but noooooo this chick took the time to tell folks off for not kissing her and her husband ass by the way I’m sure he didn’t need no party or ass kissing. I really wanted to smack her and then to call them “white trash”…! I’m almost certain if they were black she would have called them something else. She needed to be cursed out really good and then she sends her Viagra popping, overly tanned 80 year old father to fight her battle??? Really what the hell?? Then he harasses Ramona at HER charity event and then pulls her arm?? She had every right to throw his perverted ass out of her event. So again Aviva gets all upset that her dad got kicked out…. What brand of crack is she on??? I mean really lady you ruined the ladies trip and then you kept the beef going once you go back to New York. I’m so disgusted with her and I can honestly say I can’t stand her. Sorry Aviva but I think you need Xanax and a therapist. You have officially been crowned the most hated housewives 👸.

So now that I’ve spoken my mind I want to hear your thoughts and please don’t be afraid to be honest and please remember to SPEAK YOUR MIND 💋